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Our story

Brow Wow tweezers are made to make you look good and feel awesome. Handmade in Italy, where the good stuff comes from, all our tweezers have a tight grip for even the peskiest hairs.

Brow Wow Logo

Know that all tweezers are not made equal. We have been there when a bad tweezer just plain ruins your day. It won’t grip the hair and drives you crazy with that one hair out of place. We got fed up with the low-quality tweezers marketed as ‘the best’. So, we went out, researched (in the process we started calling ourselves ‘the tweezer experts’), and had our own made. Now, we have tweezers made of stainless steel and with a precision grip that is designed to grip even the shortest hair. We can tell you … these tweezers are superior.

We designed Brow Wow from the outset to carry the best in line in quality and make. They are after all the fashion-forward tweezers for the trendy. We didn’t believe that because tweezing is a boring and sometimes painful task, we should be left to choose from plain and boring designs. Fun and flirty are our middle names and we translated that to our brand. With highly distinctive colours and fun, inspirational or quirky quotes, Brow Wow tweezers are made for all of us.

What does your tweezer say about you? Our tweezers were designed to personalize your style. To combine beauty and fashion. Enjoy the feel of a precision grip for that neat tweeze. Brighten your day with a quote that gets you moving and enjoying the process. We want our tweezers to make you feel amazing and make others say wow!

Have fun as you tweeze with a Brow Wow trendy tweezer that’s just right for you.


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